Slinky Slay for the New Year

So the new year is upon us and I have taken it upon myself to do the very hard task of shopping around for an affordable New Year’s Eve outfit, so that you can ring in the New Year in style without breaking your already impoverished bank account. If you still have a healthy bank account after the St Stephen’s Day sales, teach me your ways!

The process for me to buy clothes online is quite extensive and usually involves 4 other people. My husband being the first, and then my best friends Maryanne, Wimbai and Martina. So this is how it works; before I make any clothing purchases online, when I find an item that I like, I first send the link to the dress to my husband and then if he doesn’t like it, I send it to Maryanne. If Maryanne likes it, I then have to send it to either Wimbai or Martina as they serve as tie breakers. If no one likes it, I don’t buy it and if some of them like it, I buy. This is the only way I curb impulse purchases. The waiting around for their replies makes it impossible to impulsively buy anything the second I see it.


Anyway, back to the outfit. So I tried Boohoo for the first time in ages. I prefer Missguided but am I the only person that has found their prices to be slowly creeping up recently? Initially I saw this beautiful slinky yellow duster and dress combo and I fell in love. But seeing as it is winter and the bright yellow colour might be out of place, I opted for the pink after asking my 4 persons to confirm. LOL!


The older I get, the more I shy away from mini dresses. But if said mini dress has long sleeves, I am more comfortable wearing it. This particular combo takes the mini dress to another level. The ruching accentuates the curves and helps disguise my problem-area-belly. It is slinky material that is not forgiving to cellulite so shapewear for me would be a must!


The duster coat that comes with the dress provides some much needed coverage for your arms and also adds some modesty to this super sexy mini dress. You can get here for £22 and I am wearing a size 16. The dress has a good stretch and if you have narrower hips, you can get away with buying this one size smaller. But if you have wider hips like I do, it is important to buy your true size or higher. I say this because the wrap-style of the dress at the front can be pulled apart further and further by wider hips, leaving you and your kitty kat exposed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you lol.

I paired this outfit with pink embellished choker from Primark and silver shoes from Boohoo as well that you can get here for £28. I was quite impressed with Boohoo and their shoe collection. I have wide feet and this is the first shoe purchase I made online after I found that boohoo does wide fit versions of most of their shoes.


I am so obsessed with this outfit and I am super excited to end 2017 with some serious slayage. LOL is that a word?! Let me know what looks you are rocking tonight. Fee free to check out my NYE Lookbook on my YouTube channel here and let me know you came from here in the comments!

Boohoo is fast becoming a fave and I will definitely be featuring them more on my blog in the coming year. Here is to new beginnings. As always, thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom.

Happy new year beautiful people! Here is to a prosperous 2018!

Peace and Love.


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