All about Zaful!

If you are always on social media, then there is no way you could have missed the rise of Zaful over the past year or two! As a blogger for affordable clothing, I had to give it a try for you guys!

What Is Zaful?

Okay, so if you do not know what it is then I will break it down for you. It is an asian-based website that loads of Youtubers and Bloggers alike have collaborated with and they are slowly taking over the internet. I know most people are a bit skeptical about Zaful but they have improved their quality and they swimsuits are great, even for my fellow plus size girls. Check out their site by clicking here.

The Collaboration

Ever since my blog started growing, companies have been getting in touch with me to do reviews and I have worked with similar asian-based websites for the past year and I am enjoying the opportunity. This will be my second collaboration with Zaful and hopefully not the last.

Tips and Tricks…

Before you shop, here are a few tips to help you along;

  1. make sure you have a lot of time and you have an idea of what you are looking to buy because they have so many clothes and style that it is easy to get overwhelmed.
  2. check the sizing! Most of their items have a size-chart that can help you figure out what size you should order because if you are plus-size it can be a little tricky. I usually go for XXL in most things but if they are not stretchy material, I go another size up).
  3. check the shipping and processing time. In the item description, there is processing time that they need to process your order before shipping and also the number of days it takes to ship. Be mindful of this when you want your items by a certain date so that you are not disappointed.

Plus-size Friendly?

So we all know that asian website can have sizing that is a bit tricky to figure out but as I said in my tips and tricks, you can use the size chart for the best chance of getting the right sizes. If it helps, you can watch some YouTube reviews of someone who is similar to you in size and you can use that as a measure of what size you should get yourself.

Zaful have a whole section dedicated to plus size clothing and you can check it out here. If you want to chance your arm and shop in the normal section, you might find that some pieces go up to size XXL so you don’t have to miss out on the more trendy items that the plus size section might not have.

My Verdict…

Since Zaful is all about affordable, trendy and cheerful clothing then what’s not to love! I have received a few items from them before and I really liked them. So there was no hesitation when they reached out again because I know they will give great items. I have placed my order and I will be sure to come back to you guys with everything I receive. I am looking forward to sharing with you guys here on my blog so keep an eye out so you don’t miss the review.

As always, thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom. Let me know your thoughts. Have shopped from Zaful before? How did you find it? Comment below and be sure to check out my YouTube channel for reviews.

Peace and Love.



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