Swimsuit Lookbook: Albufeira Part 2

In the words of DJ Khaled; “Another one!”

I am sorry I am so extra but I am trying to make this blog a little less formal and a little more fun like I am in real life. So if you are a loyal reader or you are just checking me out for the first time, you may have already read part 1 of the Swimsuit Lookbook here. I saved my faves for last and so let’s get into it.

The Bae Watch

IMG_7972 (2)

IMG_7973 (2)IMG_7965 (3)IMG_7956 (2)

IMG_7955 (2)

I had been seeing variations of this swimsuit literally everywhere. From YouTube, Missguided, Zaful and so many other online shops. You cannot even begin to imagine my delight when I walked into Primark/Penneys looking for socks and I saw this red bae in the swimwear section right by the entrance of the Penneys in Dundrum Town Centre. I didn’t care how much it was…I was going to get it regardless but I was even more elated when I saw it was only 6 euro! It is in a size 16 and its fits very well. It moulds your curves perfectly and doesn’t leave that gap at the back. It’s still in stores the last time I checked but I have found some online alternatives that have a higher price but still affordable click Zaful and click PrettyLittleThing  to purchase online. The cover-up is a Kimono from H&M and I got it a year ago so I am sorry but I don’t have a link 😦

The White Mesh

IMG_8061 (2)IMG_8063 (2)IMG_8049 (2)IMG_8042 (2)

I absolutely love this white mesh cut out swimsuit that I bought in a boutique in Oura, Albufeira. I got the idea to do a swimsuit lookbook whilst I was already in Portugal and I felt like I needed to add one more show stopper of a swimsuit and booooy do I love LOVE LOVE this piece! It was 16 euro which is usually quite pricey for me to be honest but I just couldn’t leave it because the detail in this piece makes it pretty unique. It has mesh and on the sides and down the front. The cut outs at the back have thick bands that just about keep those rolls in tact lol! I haven’t found any similar pieces online so next time you are on holiday, don’t shy away from those corner shop boutiques because you might find some trendy affordable fashion in there! Hope you enjoyed this Lookbook.

Don’t forget to watch all the swimsuits featured in this blog in motion on my YouTube Channel or click the link here: https://youtu.be/Z3OjKcq-K7k

Thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom.

Peace and Love.


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  1. Silksache't says:

    you look amazing


  2. Yes babe. Love that Bae Watch swimsuit. It loots amazing.


  3. You so good at wording and you blog is really entertaining this way! I just started my own blog, feel free to check it x


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