Swimsuit Lookbook: Albufeira Edition Part 1

I can’t think of a creative way to start of this week’s blog other than “Issa Swimsuit Lookbook”! LOL! So let’s just get right into it.

If you read last week’s blog, then you already know that this girl spent the better part of early May on holiday in Albufeira. While I was there, I figured why not share with you what I wore, including my swimsuits! So unlike my previous swimsuit look book that you can read here and here, I didn’t bring a bikini because insecurities happened and I wasn’t feeling up to exposing all the jiggle. Instead, I went on the hunt for some trendy one pieces so I can still be on trend without bearing all.

The Basic Beach

IMG_8006 (2)IMG_8005 (2)IMG_7995 (2)

IMG_8002 (2)

Graphic swimwear has become such a trend. I picked up this ‘Basic Beach’ one piece from Penneys/Primark for a whopping €6! I got this in a size 16 and it is actually true to size. With my wide hips and bountiful bum, I was worried that it would be too tight around the bottom but it has good stretch and was very comfortable. I wore this to the beach just for the sake of context. LOL! The cover up is a Kimono from H&M.

The Polka Dot Halter

IMG_8188 (2)IMG_8179 (2)IMG_8211 (2)

IMG_8168 (2)

Halternecks are amazing for people with a small chest. They pick up and lift your chest like a wonder bra. They are amazing. I got this one piece in South Africa for R354 in December. The polka-dot top and solid colour bottom balance us curvy girls out and that is why I was drawn to this particular piece because it does have that illusion thing going on. It draws attention away from my problem area (my tummy) to my top half because of the pattern. Consider that next time you are shopping for swimwear; what do you want to draw attention from? what do you want to emphasise? etc.,

If you enjoyed the blog, make sure you check out the video on my YouTube channel. Just click here. You get to see the full 360 and that’s what I love about having a YouTube channel too. You guys get to see everything in motion.

Thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom. Keep an eye out for part 2 of the swimsuit look book featuring my favourite swimsuits to date!

Peace and Love.



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