Spring Florals

Spring is finally here! It is actually hard to believe that this time last year I was just starting out with my blog and look how far we’ve come! I say “we” because I cannot continue this without the love and support from every single one of you that reads my blog and watches my YouTube videos. We are in this together y’all!

IMG_7715 (2)

Spring represents rebirth. Everything is starting afresh including flowers blossoming so it’s only fitting to welcome spring with floral prints! I have featured floral on this blog before and even though big girls are told to stay away from patterns, you know we like to defy the rules here. Floral prints are best, on us bigger girls, when they are on a solid colour black ground. The black background here definitely makes the print pop and still flatters these curves honey!

IMG_7697 (2)

IMG_7707 (2)

I am sure your next question is about where I got this dress. You know how I love bargains, right? Well, you are going to hate me for this because I don’t think you can find this dress anywhere at all. I thrifted this dress at a Vintage Kilo Sale and I imagine its from the 1960s era. I never shy away from second hand clothes and if you love bargains like me, check out your nearest charity shops and look on Facebook for the next kilo sale in your area.

IMG_7729 (2)

IMG_7749 (2)

IMG_7781 (2)

As for accessorising floral print, it’s best to always keep it simple. Pick a colour you see throughout the print or pattern and use that in your accessories. White or nude is always a safe option when your dress is very busy. And my shoes and bag are both from New Look.

Click this link for shoes | Click this link for an alternative white handbag.

I am so in love with this dress and I have a video too for you guys on my YouTube channel. Clink here to have a look at this outfit in motion and feel free to subscribe if you think we vibe! With all that out of the way, don’t let anyone make you think that because you are a certain size you can’t wear certain things. Wear what you want, how you want to!

Thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom.

Peace and Love.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. tanaka800 says:

    I am loving florals and this looks so beautiful on you. I also like the way you accessorised the outfit with simple block colours.

    Tanaka x


  2. So jealous of how your finding all these sales at vintage kilo sales. You look amazing once again. I love the floral print and the style is amazing…



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