Berry Velvet…

Posting on my blog and posting on my YouTube channel is proving to be a little challenging but I love doing both and I will do my best to make sure I am consistent with both.


Now let’s get into this week’s blog! My first post on here was about thigh-high boots and ever since then, I have been looking for thigh-high boots to add to my “collection-to-be” lol! I know there are plenty of options available online but I couldn’t take the risk of purchasing something that will not fit over my thighs so I was very happy to see thigh high boots back in stock in Primark and in all colours, including these gorgeous burgundy velvet ones!



They are pull-on boots, no zipper, but you can tie them securely over your knees. They don’t have much of a stretch so they would definitely be worth trying on first before purchasing them. They cost €28 which is very affordable and they don’t compromise on the quality either. The low chunky heel makes them super comfortable to wear all day and I can’t recommend them enough. They come in tan, grey and black and they are selling out fast so hopefully you will still find them in stores. A thorough review of these boots is in my latest YouTube video that you can watch here.



Seeing as it is getting super cold outside, I opted to wear my boots with a snug long sleeved, high neck dress that is also from Primark. This was only €10 and its in a size 16 UK/IRL.



These days you can’t just walk out the house with no coat or jacket (because it’s bloody freezing! brrrr!) and this oversized blazer was a great addition to this look. It’s actually from a charity shop and it only cost me 4 euro. The tag on the jacket says its originally from Marks and Spencer so it wasn’t a bad deal considering the blazer is in great condition. I love finding really great items  in charity shops and I’ll definitely do a more detailed post on shopping for second hand clothes! Just always remember to wash your thrifted clothes very well before you wear them.


As always, thank you for reading all the way down to the bottom!

Peace and Love.


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    1. brendamang says:

      thanks hun 💛


  1. Oh, those are fabulous! 🙂

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    1. brendamang says:

      thank you! i wish i dould wear them everyday!! lol

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