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Let’s talk about floral pants you guys! If you follow my blog you know that I am comfortable in my neutral zone with very little colour and very little patterns. I have been breaking out of my shell a little but at no point did I ever imagine I’d be wearing floral pants!

IMG_6148 (2)

If you have big thighs like me then I’m sure you have been “advised” a few times to wear things that are”slimming” and basically try to avoid drawing attention to your so-called problem areas. Sadly I have to admit that I listened to this and you would have never caught me in light coloured pants, denim or any type of patterned trousers. But as I get more and more comfortable in my skin I realise that anyone can wear whatever they like, as long as you feel comfortable then eff society’s body standards (LOL!).

IMG_6199 (2)

So anyway, back to my floral pants. A couple of months ago I modelled in a fashion show for a boutique based in Newbridge called Vanity Fair. They recently launched their Curvy Couture range and I fell in love with these floral pants from spring/summer that I modelled and I just had to have them. Seeing as it’s from the spring/summer range you probably won’t find it in store anymore but you can find a similar pair here.

IMG_6224 (2)

IMG_6163 (2)

I wore these pants during my holiday in Palma de Mallorca and had so much fun finding locations to shoot this look around the city. I paired the pants with a golden yellow bardot neck top from New Look and you can find it here. The strappy nude wedge sandals are from New Look as well and they were on sale for just €14 here. The tan fringe bag is from TK Maxx from a brand called Betty Barclay and it is currently on sale here.

IMG_6157 (2)

It’s so sad that summer is officially over and now that fall/autumn is upon us, look out for some transitional outfit posts coming soon.

Next time someone tries to tell you that you can’t wear something because of this rule and that rule, tell them to eff their beauty standards, in the nicest way possible of course!

Peace and Love.



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  1. Kayleen Chinyoka says:

    I love me some floral pants coz they go with any top colour which is a win for me. Love this look😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brendamang says:

      Yes! I never thought of it like that 💛


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