Ombré Goddess

When it comes to my hair, my styles are pretty consistent and repetitive. You just need to scroll through my Instagram and you will find that I mostly wear long extensions with a side part and usually dark brown.

It’s only recently when I started blogging that I have explored outside my comfort zone. I know the ‘Goddess Faux Locs’ have been trending for a while now but I recently jumped on the bandwagon because I have natural hair and I was looking for a long-term protective style that was also low maintenance for my upcoming summer holiday/ vacation.


These goddess faux locs are everything! I initially wanted to do them myself but after browsing on YouTube and seeing that it could take me at least a day to complete, I went looking for someone who was able to achieve the style I wanted!

Thanks to social media, I was recommended to try BellaSuiteSalon and I am so glad I did! It was an amazing salon experience and Claudia, the hair stylist, is such a sweetheart and the 8 hours it took to do my hair flew by so quick because we were having so much fun! It’s worth noting that she is also a natural hair connoisseur and treated my natural hair first before wrapping it up in the faux locs. She used the latched-hook-method which ensures the locs don’t slip and have longevity. I found a video on YouTube that explains that method in detail here.


Because I am trying to inject some colour in my entire life, wardrobe and hair included, I had some subtle wine red colour put in. The camera doesn’t really pick up on it too well but the colour is there! They are very light and Claudia is so soft-handed that I am in zero pain. The locs are secure but not painfully tight. The hair used to wrap is below and can be purchased online or in any African hair shops. For the curly ends, you can use any hair you want to give you the curl pattern that you desire at the bottom.

I am absolutely in love with these faux locs and if you are looking for a hassle-free protective style for the summer (that isn’t Box Braids or Senegalese twists), I would definitely recommend this and if you live in Dublin, slide into BellaSuiteSalon’s DMs (haha!) and she will sort you out.

Click on the direct link here.

Don’t say I never told you!

Peace and Love.


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  1. Miss D says:

    Wow I must say this hair is I must do list, it looks so beautiful and really good on you.By the way how many extensions did you use? Is is the afro kinky?or you mix itvwith something also
    Thanks for this info girl you rock

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brendamang says:

      Ye it was just the afro kinky and we used 3 full packs of the long one. We didn’t mix it. The curly hair at the bottom is just curly synthetic hair. Thank you hun! Can’t wait to see it on you 😊


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