Emerald Gem

When it comes to choosing colours that I wear, I always take into account how they will look against my skin. I opt for colours that enhance rather than wash me out and this emerald dress is everything!

I picked this dress up in House Of CB on a recent trip to London. I had no occasion planned for it but it was on 50% off on sale so obviously I couldn’t help myself. Following that, I ended up being invited to a red carpet launch party for a clothing line. I love it when my impulse purchases end up being justified 🙂 I covered the event on my previous blog here.

The dress is called ‘Maxime’ which is appropriate because it’s a maxi dress with a dramatic twist. And this ‘twist’ is what sealed the deal for me!

IMG_4504 (2)

As you can see, the maxi has that sexy twist to it with the waist high slit. The maxi dress is beautifully flowy and for my plus-size ladies, it gives you a break from having to wear shapewear underneath. I am wearing it in size L but the dress has so much room, I could have gotten away with a medium. Unfortunately, the dress is sold out online but it’s worth having a look in store.

IMG_4467 (2)

If you keep up with Red Carpet trends, this slit is everywhere but I don’t need to tell you how careful you have to be when you are walking because you can easily have a wardrobe malfunction with this one. I had a few when I was shooting for this blog but luckily it was in the middle of the night with no one around except for my photographer who happens to be my boyfriend 🙂

IMG_4510 (2)

The dress isn’t lined and it is completely see through at the top but I wore it with self-adhesive bra from Primark that you can get here so you wouldn’t need to worry about straps showing because the dress is very open, even at the back. I put a gold skinny belt right at the waist just to bring it all together and then I wore nude sandals that also have some gold detail. I always keep it simple with my accessories.

IMG_4530 (2)

Just be a little careful that no one steps on the tail of the dress because again, wardrobe malfunction!

Don’t say I never told you.

Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom.

Peace and Love.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruvimbo makawa says:

    I love love love this…. Well done love! X


    1. brendamang says:

      Yasssssss! I appreciate you 💚 Thank you 😘


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