Roses are Red…

Being a curvy girl, I always have to make sure I smell nice and fresh all day! Roll-on and deodorant spray is never enough for me so I add a little perfume.

What is it?

IMG_4021 (2)

My current fave is this Eau de Parfum, Belle by Summer Rose. When everyone on social media was hyping about this product, I could not wait to get my hands on it and smell it for myself.

What does it smell like?

‘Belle’ is described by Summer Rose as a sweet floral scent enhanced by Jasmine and Patchouli.

When I first sprayed this perfume, it smelt so beautiful I had to close my eyes and savour it. It’s really as beautiful as the name suggests! I didn’t know much about how to describe the scent in detail but thanks to a review I watched by Carol Nyazika on Youtube here, I now know that the top notes are blackcurrant and pear followed by the middle notes iris, vanilla and orange blossom with jasmine, patchouli and praline as the base notes. All these combine to make a delicious, sexy fragrance that is Belle. It is far from overpowering which is great for those who have a sensitive nose.


I really wanted to see if this perfume could stand the test of time so I sprayed it before I went on a hike to the top of Bray Head mountain as seen in the picture below to see whether or not ‘Belle’ can last through it all.

IMG_3787 (2)

Lo’ and behold, hours later, Belle did not disappoint. It still smelt just as good as it did when I first sprayed it on and I was so impressed! if it can withstand the wind and the rain I encountered on this hike then it can last through a day in the office for sure!

Shop and Delivery

Belle is available online here for £25/€31 without postage. I am becoming more and more confident with purchasing things online and when I bought this, I was prepared to wait a while to receive it. But it took only 3 days for mine to be delivered. It came beautifully packaged to ensure it arrives to it’s intended customer intact.

IMG_4026 (2)

IMG_4029 (2)

It’s a super cute 50 mL bottle that fits in your purse and you don’t need to spray much of it at a time because one spray goes a long way.

IMG_4032 (2)

And finally…

If you are looking for an amazing fresh, floral scent to add to your collection at an affordable price I would definitely recommend Belle by Summer Rose. Because of the price-point and the non-overpowering scent, you can wear it everyday to anywhere.

Don’t say I never told you.

Peace and Love.


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