White Jeans? Yes Please!


I love wearing white but I have always been told to stay away from anything white because “plus size just can’t wear white”. Apparently the reason for this is that white makes everything look bigger so God-forbid you want to look any bigger than you actually are! But wait. Aren’t people all over the world buying bigger lips, bigger hips and bigger everything? So why can’t I rock my naturally big everything? SMH. Anyway, if you are like me and you want to defy these so-called rules then try a pair of white high-waisted jeans as we brighten up our wardrobes for Spring.

11 W

High-waisted jeans are great for many reasons! One of which being the fact that they can hold your tummy in rather than low-rise jeans that could end up giving you a muffin top. I am wearing MOTO White Wash Joni Jeans from Topshop and you can get them here.

I know you are probably thinking that when you hear the word ‘Topshop’ you don’t think plus-size but let me tell you, these Joni jeans are everything! The stretch in them is the key. I am wearing size W3434 which is size 16 (uk/irl) and they fit really well. My own mother, who is a size 18/20, wore this exact same pair I have on and they fit her just the same! Yes, I was quite surprised too! One thing I would say is that, I usually fold these a little to create a cuff effect at the bottom because they are a bit short for me in the 34″ leg so if you are taller than 5’10 I would recommend the 36″ leg for a better fit.

15 W

I was going for a very casual look and I paired the jeans with a basic loose t-shirt from Forever 21. It was a total bargain on sale for €4!

6 W

5 W

Bomber jackets are all the rage these days and I got this from Boohoo (obviously their plus size range and it fits like a glove!). It’s light enough for spring and I absolutely love the colour. Khaki goes with everything! It’s available here.

14 W

Keeping with the All-White theme, I got the really unique Converse All Star lows from Office. They were on sale for just €40 and you can still get a pair here. They have a cool white mono embossed rubber which is a plus because if they get dirty you can easily wipe them clean unlike the usual cloth all stars.

13 W

As always, so much fun was had shooting this and we decided to switch up the look to something a little more urban. Check out my photographer on Facebook here. Threw on a snapback and tied a plaid shirt around my waist then stuck a pose and magic happened, LOL!

1 W

All jokes aside, remember that you can wear whatever you want! As long as you feel good in it, your confidence will shine through! It’s never about what you wear, it is how you wear it.

Peace and Love.


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